Bringing to life moments that we remember.

I help concert halls and event organisers at music events to enhance and enrich their audience experience by creating customised visuals.

I have worked with clients like :

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience that stays long after the performance has ended ?

Do you want your audience to remember your event forever ?

Today, stage design and visuals are two essential components of stage entertainment..

And I can help design and create a captivating journey that your audience just can't forget !

A free 15 second personalized animation !

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in motion design and vjing !

Included in the demo:

- 1 custom animation

- 1 outro display with artist name/club name/festival name

- A free 15 second custom animated introduction

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Lisa Daullé
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This is the age of social media. Online communication, marketing, the latest strategies tools

and technologies are needed to stay ahead..

With the increasing popularity of music festivals all over the world, that "festival feed" is now being adopted by music events.

This is done by incorporating the design and scenography that festival is inspiring music events,

to create the same dream like journey and euphoric experience they have to offer...